The short story of the AFS

… Like a bottle thrown into the sea

The little story of our association began in a completely unexpected way as we find a bottle that we threw into the sea. By browsing on genealogy sites, Alain L. Soucy discovered an old message that a man named Paul R. Soucy had placed it on the Internet on October 28, 1996. However, three years later, the author of this message had changed his e-mail address. However, the old address carried a clue, the bottle had been launched into the sea in New Brunswick (Canada).

On September 3, 1999, Alain appealed to all Paul Soucy in New Brunswick in the hope of receiving an echo. However, on September 9, 1999, she was not surprised to receive the reply from the author of the message. Its author, Paul R. Soucy, lived in the city of Dieppe in New Brunswick.

A second contact
This time across the ocean

By a happy coincidence, on September 12, 1999, Alain received a letter from a French correspondent in Loir et Cher (41) who informed him in passing that a compatriot, living in the city of Trois-Rivières in Quebec, but who spelled his name differently to his, was on the same tracks to find a common ancestor in France. But this time, the French correspondent was able to provide the email address of this Trois-Rivières by the name of Pierre Soucis. On September 15, 1999, Alain sent a first email to Pierre Soucis, who immediately returned an enthusiastic response. From then on, the exchange of e-mails between Boucherville, Trois-Rivières and Dieppe began with an objective already decided, from the very first letters, to found an association of the Soucy families. These contacts, which at first seemed like the fruit of a curious coincidence, with the determination that everyone showed in achieving the same goal, quickly appeared to have been guided by the will of the ancestors. Three brothers in history …

Three brothers in history …

From the first discussions, curiosity took the three Internet users to know what genealogical links united them, Paul Soucy being of Acadian origin, Pierre Soucis who, being of Quebecois origin also had an original signature and Alain who belonged to a lineage US. Thus, by exchanging their family trees, they were surprised to find that they had an ancestor in common in the person of Joseph Soucy, grandson of the ancestor of all Soucy families in America. The three men were therefore from the House of Joseph. Paul was descended from the line of André, Pierre de Louis and Alain de Jean-François. Pierre had the good idea to declare that they were all brothers in history, understood that in the middle of the 18th century, their distant ancestors all lived under the same roof in La Pocatière.

The meeting of the three brothers

Beyond centuries of history It had not been a month since the first contacts that the three Internet users were already thinking of meeting to get to know each other better and define the actions that would make it possible to form an association of families. The first meeting of the three brothers took place at the Marriott hotel in Montreal, October 29, 1999. During this historic meeting, it was agreed to revitalize the forum for the exchange of genealogical and historical information relating to the Soucy family which had been established by Paul R. Soucy on April 7 of the same year. Given the distances between them, it was agreed to channel discussions on the discussion forum in order to recruit enthusiasts of the history and genealogy of the Soucy family.

The incorporation of the Association des familles Soucy

In parallel to the actions on the Web, Alain contacted the Federation of Quebec stem families with a view to the constitution of an association and on October 27, 1999, he met the vice-president of the F.F.S.Q. to know the guidelines that should allow them to firmly establish the foundations of their association. In this regard, on November 6, 1999, Alain participated in an information day organized by the F.F.S.Q. on the theme of the management of family associations. At the dawn of the new millennium, more precisely on January 10, 2000, after coordination with Pierre and Paul, Alain made an official request for name search to the Inspector General of Financial Institutions of Quebec. On January 17, 2000, he received the name search report which enabled him to prepare a request for incorporation. On February 24, 2000, the Letters Patent of the Association of Soucy Families Inc. were deposited in the register of Financial Institutions. The confirmation of the incorporation was received on March 2, 2000 and the announcement was made on the discussion forum dedicated to the Soucy family, on March 4, 2000. The Association des familles Soucy was born and officially registered enterprises.