Our genealogy


All Soucys in America, whether from Quebec or old Acadia or the United States, are related.  They all belong to the family established by Jean Soucy-La Vigne and Jeanne Savonnet.  Less than 300 years ago, in 1723, there was only one family under one roof in the rural district of the Seigneurie de La Pocatière, Quebec.

The Small House in the Big Cove

This first family in La Pocatière that served as the genetic nucleus for the Soucy families in America today lived about 15 (French) acres south of the mouth of the Saint-Jean River in the Grande Anse. The archives of the Catholic Church establish that Jean Soucy (called La Vigne) and Jeanne Savonnet were our French ancestors, and provide all the evidence of the development of the family’s generations.  Jean and Jeanne had four children, two girls and two boys – Guillaume and Pierre, who established the paternal lineage.  All Soucys today descend from Pierre.

Guillaume Soucy – An Interrupted Posterity

Guillaume had only one son and his descendants did not live long.  Jean-Baptiste, his only grandson, died without surviving children.  (For more about Guillaume and this line see “La Source”, 2004 edition, pp.28-9).

Pierre Soucy I. – Unlimited Posterity

Unlike Guillaume, brother Pierre has numerous descendants.  He married Elisabeth-Ursule Fouquereau (called Urbain) at Rivière-Ouelle on January 13, 1699. They had 12 children, seven girls and 5 boys.  The Soucy name carried on among four of the sons. They were: Pierre II, Joseph1, Jean-François1, and Charles-François1. The youngest son, Jean-Baptiste, born on January 26th, 1725, apparently had no descendants.

Pierre Soucy I. – A Posterity through 4 sons

Pierre Soucy II.
Married Marie-Jeanne Michaud at Rivière-Ouelle, July 20, 1723

Joseph Soucy I.
Married Marie-Madeleine Mignier-Lagacé, at La Pocatière, January 7, 1727

Jean-François Soucy I.
Married Marie-Claire Rousseau, at L’Islet, July 3, 1735

Charles-François I.
Married Marie-Angélique Lizotte, around 1745


Since all Soucys in America are descendants of the same French ancestor, Jean Soucy (dit La Vigne), and the same first Canadian ancestor, Pierre Soucy 1, we can readily state that all subsequent lineages emanate from four houses: the houses of Pierre 2, Joseph 1, Jean-François 1 and Charles-François 1.