Vision, mission and objectives

Our vision

To become the place of all those interested in the genealogy, history and heritage of the Soucy families.

Our mission

To enhance the family heritage inherited from our ancestors and their descendants.

Our objectives

  • To group in association, any person, member or ally with the Soucy family as well as any other person or association of families who is interested in the Soucy family;
  • Gather in a single association not only the families carrying the surname Soucy but also all the families carrying the spelling variants of this name;
  • Organize or hold conferences, meetings, assemblies, exhibitions, virtual networks and other activities for the promotion, development and popularization of history, genealogy or any other matter affecting the Soucy family;
  • Encourage and support research aimed at advancing historical and genealogical knowledge concerning the Soucy family;
  • Design, write, edit, print and distribute publications for the purposes of the association; Create, publish and manage a website for association purposes;
  • Create, publish and manage a website for association purposes;
  • Establish a documentation center relating to the history, current events and genealogy of the Soucy family;
  • Encourage any person, natural or legal, to transmit to the Soucy fonds paid to the National Archives of Quebec, any documents, plans, photos and other archival material likely to contribute to the history of the Soucy family;
  • Acquire by purchase, rental or otherwise, own and operate the movable and immovable property necessary for the purposes mentioned above and provide members with services of all kinds in relation to the goals of the corporation;
  • For these purposes, solicit and receive financial assistance from any government, institution, natural or legal person.

Definition of a “family association”: A family association is the grouping of people who, linked by marriage, parentage or exceptionally by adoption, descend from the same ancestral couple who came to settle in Quebec, ancestors with the same surname or people who become the point of reference for the same ancestry.